It never gets the publicity it deserves - but tomorrow, Tuesday November 12th is officially ‘Purple Tuesday’ - a day specifically dedicated to raising awareness of the so-say ‘purple’ pound – i.e. the discretionary spending power of disabled people.

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These past few weeks have been very positive for assistive technology breakthroughs - of real-world examples of major brands showing they are finally taking accessibility seriously.

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If you are a Web developer, brand owner, business content professional, citizen or human being - I hope you have a free day on June 12th. Why? Because if you are any of those things - as so many of us are now - then I think you need to get yourself over to a very special London conference to discuss what is increasingly a key issue for all of us: how to keep the Web truly open.

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If the journalism is sound - and I can’t see anything not to think that at the moment - there’s a genuinely shocking story just out on Huffpost that anyone who cares about not just accessibility but democracy needs to be concerned about: Disabled people could be denied their right to vote independently and in secret in the now-confirmed UK end of May European elections, because there’s been no planning on how to help them.

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Two really interesting news items crossed my UKAAF desk these past few weeks, starting with a really encouraging precis of accessibility progress that’s being made for Londoners, which I found out about in a nice piece entitled 5 Ways London's Transport Is Being Made More Accessible on Londonist.

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A couple of interesting news items have crossed my desk recently that exemplify how technology is continuing to make a really useful contribution to helping with accessibility. For example, I was really interested to note how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is helping people in the real world – with this great story, originally published in Les…

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Last month, high profile developer-focused independent analyst firm RedMonk held its 8th annual ‘Monkigras’ conference in the Plexal innovation centre in Stratford, London, with a theme this year of ‘Accessibility’. Team UKAAF was there too!. Here, the group’s Analyst & Co-Founder James Governor explains why

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