UKAAF partners with global organisations that are essential to the development of accessible information standards.

International Council on English Braille

The purpose of the International Council on English Braille is to coordinate and improve standards for braille usage for all English-speaking users of braille. Representatives of the ICEB come from Australia, Canada, Ireland, Nigeria, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States with UKAAF being the representative body for the United Kingdom.

Representatives of UKAAF sit on the board of the ICEB.

PDF Association

The PDF Association promotes the adoption and use of International Standards related to PDF technology. As a liason member, UKAAF helps ensure that PDF technology developments continue to promote and improve easy readability and optimisation of documents for visually-impaired users. The partnership enables UKAAF to have a more direct influence over future developments of ISO 14289, the international standard for PDF accessibility commonly known asPDF/UA.

The Chairman of the UK Chapter of the PDF Association sits on the UKAAF board.

Daisy Consortium

Founded in 1996, The DAISY Consortium is the official maintenance agency for DAISY, the original digital talking book standard. The DAISY Consortium works closely with the W3C on ePub, the leading mainstream ebook standard, based on the Open Web Platform. Whilst the RNIB remains the UK representative body for DAISY, UKAAF retains a close relationship with DAISY and plans to provide increased support for DAISY standards as part of our work.

The current Chairman of the DAISY Consortium, Richard Orme, sits on the board of UKAAF.

Royal National Institute of Blind People

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is a UK charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people in the UK with sight loss. The RNIB has supported accessible information standards, beginning with Braille, over much of its long history. UKAAF was founded with the encouragement of the RNIB as an independent custodian for accessible information standards in the UK and continues to play an important part in UKAAF’s Board and in our day-to-day business.

The head of the RNIB’s library and transcription service unit sits on the board of UKAAF.