COVID’s been tough for us all, but it’s been even more so for the disabled, vulnerable and the blind. The difficulties faced by people who are blind and visually impaired as they adapt to a world of social distancing, have not been widely understood, as often these guys are just so stoic they don’t want…

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Back at the start of the year, we were busy promoting UKAAF’s upcoming Annual General Meeting but ‘you know what’ rendered that impossible so we decided in the end to go ahead and do this on Zoom, which was certainly the first time I’d been at an AGM this way. We had about 30 people…

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UKAAF is delighted to announce it has a new incoming Chair  – Roger Firman.  Roger takes over the reins from long-term UKAAF Chair and much admired man, Richard West, who chaired his last AGM in June. Roger became Vice Chair back in 2019. His ‘day job’ is  running a business, going strong since 2004, all…

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I’ve been really concerned about the impact of the global Pandemic on the more vulnerable, especially the partially-sighted or blind community that UKAAF was set up to help support in terms of accessibility. And when I opened a recent article in The New Yorker that dared ask the question playing at the back of my mind… I knew…

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Partially sighted musicians using stave notation, and anyone who may be assisting, could find something called Modified Stave Notation very useful, says UKAAF’s Roger Firman. And it’s something that is particularly important in education Modified Stave Notation is a term given to describe music presented in a large print format to aid musicians and anyone…

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Richard West, Chair of UKAAF,  gives us his insights into the organisations main priorities in 2020?

At the UK Association for Accessible Formats, our objectives are to develop guidelines and minimum standards for producing information in formats accessible to people who cannot read standard print, for whatever reason, including sight loss, dyslexia or because they cannot physically handle the documents.

Clearly then, we cover a very wide field, from braille and audio to large print, and accessible electronic documents. Most of our detailed work is carried out in small groups, so the work is done by people who are experts or interested in that particular sphere.  All work is then drawn together by the UKAAF Board.

For 2020, we have defined three major things we want to do:

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As it creaks to an end, I think we can all agree 2019 was quite a year for politics, more confusing than usual BBC dramas (‘War Of The Worlds,’ anyone?) and the rising fortunes of my beloved Liverpool Football Club.

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