There are two main categories of membership available for UKAAF, depending on your level of engagement with accessible formats: Full Membership, and Membership of the User Advisory Group.

These two categories enable people with differing levels of interest in using and developing quality standards for accessible formats to join, including for example, transcribers, service providers, educators, researchers, print services, publishers, and end-users themselves.

To be a Full Member, you must demonstrate “active involvement” in one or more of the objectives of UKAAF.  UKAAF defines “active involvement” as activities such as providing and promoting accessible formats, or significant specialist advice or services related to accessible formats.

If you are primarily a user of accessible formats, rather than providing or promoting accessible formats and services, but have an “interest in” one or more objectives of UKAAF, the most appropriate category of membership is of the User Advisory Group.

Examples of categories of membership are given in the following sections.  All applications are reviewed by Board members, who can help you decide which category of membership is most appropriate for you.

1. Full Membership

1.1 Full Membership: £60

Available to any of the following, provided that they have “active involvement” in one or more objectives of UKAAF, for example:

  • Individuals – e.g. teachers, researchers, producers of accessible formats, software developers, blind and partially sighted individuals and others with print impairments (see note below).
  • Companies, associations and organisations of practitioners and users – e.g. transcription agencies, local blind societies, software and hardware companies, etc.  If your organisation operates from more than one site, and each site wishes to have a separate membership, please submit a separate application form for each site.
  • Service providers whose customers/clients include blind and partially sighted people and others with print impairments – e.g. councils, publishers, print agencies, utility companies, banks, building societies, transport providers, etc.

Note: Full Members receive the UKAAF Magazine ‘Format Matters’ as part of their subscription.

Note: as a Full Member you are entitled to join the User Advisory Group.  You may wish to do this if you’re blind or partially sighted or have another print impairment and wish to take part in user consultations, which won’t automatically happen through Full Membership.

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1.2. Full Membership – Reduced Rate: £25

Available to those with a personal, individual income of no more than £15,000 per annum (self-assessed), provided they have “active involvement” in one or more objectives of UKAAF, as defined earlier.

UKAAF must have as many members as possible to achieve its many aims and objectives, so does not seek to exclude those who cannot afford the full membership fee.  However, please consider carefully whether you should apply for this reduced rate as UKAAF will not seek evidence of your income.  If you can pay the full rate please do so, you will be supporting UKAAF, allowing us to do more to benefit blind and partially sighted people and others with print impairments.

Note: You will be asked to confirm your circumstances again when your annual subscription becomes due.

Note: Full Members at the discounted rate receive the UKAAF Magazine ‘Format Matters’ as part of their subscription.

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2. User Advisory Group Membership

2.1. User Advisory Group Membership without UKAAF Magazine subscription: No charge

Membership of the User Advisory Group is available to any blind or partially sighted person or others with print impairments with “an interest” in one or more objectives of UKAAF, who for example:

  • use accessible formats in their daily lives.
  • wish to take part in communication between end users, service providers and transcribers relating to the production of material in accessible formats, being consulted as part of a wider network of users where appropriate.
  • would like the opportunity to be considered as a paid user panellist for the Transcription Quality Assessment Scheme.

User Advisory Group members do not automatically receive the UKAAF magazine, Format Matters, but can subscribe separately.

2.2. User Advisory Group Membership with UKAAF Magazine subscription: £15

As above, but additionally, on payment of an annual magazine subscription, members of the User Advisory Group will receive the three issues per year of the UKAAF Magazine, ‘Format Matters’.

Application Forms

ukaaf_membership_application_form_v2 – pdf
ukaaf_membership_application_form_v2 – DOC