UKAAF is funded entirely from annual membership fees and donations provided by both commercial businesses and not-for-profits. The day-to-day work we do is carried out by individual members, either with the support of their employers or in their own time.

You can find a list of our amazing sponsors here.

Organisations and individuals join UKAAF to help:

  • Support a social enterprise that contributes significantly to equal access to information
  • Leverage accessible formats standards and guidance when delivering services to your clients
  • Provide access to a network of organisations who can provide products and services that assist your visually impaired customers
  • Gain access to experts in the field who can help you deliver accessible information in both traditional and digital formats
  • Contribute to the way new accessible formats are engineered to support the needs of your organisation

Membership for Organisations

Organisational members pay fees, which are used to run UKAAF. Membership is can be one of three categories – sustaining, sponsoring and affiliate.

  • Sustaining members, such as the RNIB, are large organisations wishing to make a significant financial contribution to the operation of UKAAF. Sustaining members typically donate more than £2,000 per annum and sometimes significantly more
  • Sponsoring members include organisations that wish contribute to UKAAF financially and participate in subject groups. They donate £500 per annum
  • Affiliate members, are organisations who wish to benefit from UKAAFs research and standards activities. They pay £100 per annum

Membership for Individuals

UKAAF welcomes individual members and our fee structure is designed to provide a low barrier to membership. Individual membership comes in three categories:

  • Honorary membership is designed to recognise significant contributions from members. Two former board members current hold honorary membership
  • Contributing membership is designed for individuals who give their time and energy to UKAAF activities
  • Ordinary Members include anyone who wishes to take an interest in UKAAF activities and receive updates about its work

Member Benefits

All members have access to accessible document standards, email updates and digital versions of the Format Matters magazine. Any member can request Format Matters in alternate formats free of charge. Honorary, contributing, sustaining and sponsoring members, may participate in standards processes. Sustaining organisations, sponsor organisations and partners are be entitled to recognition on the UKAAF web site and may use the UKAAF logo. Honorary, contributing, sustaining and sponsoring members are entitled to vote and to election to the board.

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UKAAF uses electronic communication where possible, to limit its costs and its use of paper. However, UKAAF does distribute some hard copy documents of different types.

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