A US court this week told one of the most popular British food brands it needs to pull its accessibility socks up. Domino’s Pizza must now take steps to ensure its mobile app is fully accessible to every user who might fancy it as their takeaway choice, as the BBC reported on Wednesday. The case…

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Membership and Fundraising Board Member for UKAAF, Tim Nelms explains how organisations like yours can play a part in supporting accessible document standards and meet the needs of customers and clients with print impairments

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UKAAF board member and Connect MD, Susan Day, recently took part in a cross-party Parliamentary consultation at the House of Commons about the provision of assistive technology within the DSA allowance. Here, she reports on her day, which she says showed a mix of MPs and other professionals working within education bringing a wealth of information and suggestions for improvement within the sector

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Back in May, the Intellectual Property Office sought views on how the UK should approach the implementation of the EU’s Regulation and Directive implementing the Marrakesh Treaty on copyright across Europe. Here, accessibility expert and UKAAF board member Michael Lewington summarises the most important aspects of response - and why this is good news for visually impaired and print disabled people

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In October, an important global agreement that could spell big benefits for European and UK blind or impaired vision book lovers. Accessibility expert and UKAAF board member, Michael Lewington explains why this matters to print impaired people.

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Wasn’t accessibility a website issue we solved years ago? Accessibility expert Sharon Williams reminds us it just wasn’t - and is becoming more of an issue as brands keep updating their online offerings

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June 29th, 2018 – Blind and partially-sighted customers of some of our biggest High St banks have been “locked out” of accessing their own money – ironically enough, thanks to banks redesigning their websites to be more user-friendly … and in what seems like a very poor joke, when one customer complained they were sent ……

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