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In January’s 2023 webinar, Matthew Horspool spoke about a wide range of issues concerning braille, the Braillists Foundation, UKAAF Braille Groups, and how he uses braille as a member of the choir at Coventry Cathedral.

No one could doubt Matthew’s passion for braille, particularly since as a teenager he wondered what place it would, or not, take in his life.

University could be counted as the turning-point for Matthew realising and developing his ongoing passion that braille really is for life.

He talked of ongoing technical developments but above all, spoke of the great work being undertaken by the Braillists Foundation with the phrase “More Braille” underpinning the work of the Foundation.

Matthew also spoke of the importance of standards, particularly for documents produced professionally but as we all know, users often invent their own personal braille shorthand for their own use.

If anyone were to doubt the relevance of braille in a twenty-first century world, this webinar, coupled with those of last October, July, and January 2022 will put that to rights.

We are most grateful to Matthew for sharing his insights into braille.

Webinar Transcripts: PDF, DOCX, BRF

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