Quality Assessment Scheme

Transcription Quality Assessment Scheme (TQAS)
Because format quality matters.

  • Service providers need assurances that the transcription services they use (whether internal or external) can supply quality materials.
  • Transcribers need assurances that they can work to the latest best practice, and want to promote that they supply quality materials.
  • Users need assurances that the materials they receive are of an appropriate quality for accessibility and usability.

Hence, the Transcription Quality Assessment Scheme (TQAS – pronounced “Tea Kwass”) was devised.

The scheme includes:

  • The development of production checklists and guidelines for specific formats (starting with audio)
  • Assessment of materials by expert users against user-defined quality standards for transcription and production

Created by one of the merging associations forming UKAAF, the former COTIS (Confederation of Transcribed Information Services), the first TQAS certificate developed was for commercial audio recordings. Work has also been undertaken to prepare a similar braille certificate in conjunction with another merging association – UKABP (the UK Association of Braille Producers).

TQAS-certified transcribers will be listed at the top of the UKAAF Directory of Services, to help service providers locate quality services quickly.

TQAS – the Transcription Quality Assessment Scheme offers service providers assurance that the transcribers they are using can produce quality materials, which end-users will receive on time, and be able to read and use effectively.

TQAS – the Transcription Quality Assessment Scheme offers the opportunity for transcribers to:

  • Gain independent assessment of the quality of your transcription
  • Demonstrate your expertise to help in contract negotiations
  • Follow guidelines and technical specifications to help you achieve quality transcription
  • Learn from industry good practice to help you support your service delivery
  • Be promoted as a TQAS-certified transcription service to service providers seeking transcription services

Status of the scheme

UKAAF is not taking applications for assessment at the moment while we review and re-establish the scheme now it’s part of UKAAF.

We anticipate re-launching the scheme, with further developments including new certificates available for other accessible formats and will be setting up working groups of experts to help devise these.