UK Banks Fail Blind and Partially-Sighted Customers , says BBC Report

June 29th, 2018 – Blind and partially-sighted customers of some of our biggest High St banks have been “locked out” of accessing their own money – ironically enough, thanks to banks redesigning their websites to be more user-friendly … and in what seems like a very poor joke, when one customer complained they were sent … a video!  The revelations were made recently by a hard-hitting report by BBC Radio 4’s personal finance programme, Money Box [], whose main presenter, Paul Lewis, pointing out that, “Online banking is a service which everyone should be able to access, but Money Box has been discovering that blind people often can’t.” On the broadcast, BBC reporter Lee Kumutat (@leek005) spoke with a number of such affected customers, who reported a variety of problems but which had the same basic error – their access software and aids couldn’t cope with the changes that had been made … and in the words of one unhappy customer, “They think they’ve done a good job [but] from the point of view of someone who can’t see, it’s an appalling job.”

Read the full article here in Credit Control Journal, June 2018

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