matthew horspool ukaaf board member

Matthew has been a UKAAF board member since 2013 and served on the Braille Coding Group since 2014. As a blind person himself, Accessible Formats (and braille in particular) have been hugely important to Matthew in his day-to-day life. He has been involved in various UKAAF projects including the creation of a list of “Problem Words” in UEB, improving the UK Duxbury template, peer reviewing improvements to the Liblouis UEB translation tables and contributing to various standards and guidance documents, including one on binding and labelling. Matthew has also observed on the International Council on English Braille Code Maintenance Committee and Braille Technology Committee and contributed to international decisions on key braille issues such as the apostrophe.

More recently, Matthew has become involved with Bristol Braille Technology and the Braillists Foundation, representing the latter at a number of Sight Village exhibitions, and he undertakes some part-time work for Torch Trust. Matthew is also one of the team behind the Braillecast podcast and undertake a small amount of freelance transcription, mostly for charities and local groups around Coventry.

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