The International Council on English Braille (ICEB) will be holding its 7th General Assembly from Sunday 18th October 2020 through Thursday  22nd  October 2020 (Monday 19th to Friday 23rd  for Australia and New Zealand). This event was originally planned to take place in Central London in May but will now be a virtual gathering on Zoom.

We are very excited about creating and presenting our event in this new format and we look forward to welcoming you online.


If you would like to listen and contribute to any of the live sessions of the General assembly then you will need to register and receive a link. To receive the link please send your name, country and email address to [email protected]

If you would just like to listen to the Assembly proceedings and not be involved in any way, there will be a live stream link available for the duration of the conference

Live Stream Link


Our main challenge is the different time zones that we are operating within. Broadly speaking the live sessions will last for three hours per day and will be early morning in Australia and New Zealand, late evening in the UK, Ireland and South Africa and afternoon in North America. Key reports will be available prior to live discussion sessions and the presentations will be available in word, brf and recorded highlights.

Assembly agenda final (DOCX)

Assembly agenda final (BRF)


All our presenters have prepared written papers on their selected topic and these are available for down load in either word or braille on the links below. As time is limited for the live sessions of the Assembly, all our presenters have made video recordings of the highlights of their papers which have been uploaded onto the ICEB You tube channel. The theme for day 2 is braille music, day 3 is braille technology and day 4 is braille literacy. We would encourage all attendees to watch these videos before the live sessions. If you have any questions, you can raise them in the scheduled Q & A session on the appropriate day.

The link for Word version of Papers – Compressed in Zip Format
The link for Braille version of Papers – Compressed in Zip Format
The links for the video recordings of presentations

Any queries, please email [email protected]