Sharon Williams is the lead for the Exams Subject group.

Sharon has been with Pia since 1999, and since becoming Managing Director in 2005, she has ensured that Pia has maintained its active role in the industry’s representative organisations.

Always enthusiastic about UKAAF’s role in promoting the availability and standards of accessible formats, and she hopes to play a significant part in driving that agenda.

We are at present working on an updated Exams Best Practice Guidance document for examinations.

If you are modifying or producing exams in SEB (Standard English Braille) rather than UEB (Unified English Braille), you may still need to refer to the previous version of this document.

Best Practice Guidance Document for Producers and Modifiers 2017-18.docx

Best Practice Guidance Document for Producers and Modifiers 2017-18.pdf

Exam Best Practice Guidance for Modifiers and Producers 2016-17

Exams Best Practice Guidance 2012-13 pdf


Best Practice Guidance Consultation Documents

Following an initial consultation on updating the General and Vocational Examinations for Candidates with Visual Impairment Best Practice Guidance for Modifiers and Producers, UKAAF is seeking further views on this updated publication. This version of the document will be applicable to the 2017/2018 academic cycle.

See below two files: the Version 3 document with tracked changes and the Version 3 document as a clean copy. We would welcome your views on this version of the publication.

Your responses to this consultation are requested to be returned by Friday 21 July 2017. Responses should be sent to admin@ukaaf.org. We will acknowledge your response when it is received. Responses can be sent as a tracked changes file, or as separate notes.

Following the close of the consultation, UKAAF’s Exams Group will update the document. You may be contacted during this period if any of your response requires clarification.

Following the revision process, the resulting document will be shared with the awarding bodies for comment, with a view to publishing the final version in September.

Best-Practice-Guidance-Document-For-Producers-and-Modifiers 2017-18 V3 Clean

Best-Practice-Guidance-Document-For-Producers-and-Modifiers 2017-18 V3 Tracked changes