Generating mathematical symbols using Math AutoCorrect or Unicode

This document contains advice on correctly creating mathematical symbols using either the MS word math autocorrect function or Unicode. It contains a comprehensive table of approximately 100 different mathematical symbols and how to generate them:

Presentation guidelines

UKAAF has prepared some Guiding Principles on the Presentation of Braille to ensure that basic braille being produced in the UK can be read easily by braille users. Topics include headings, paragraphs, notes and basic tables. Examples are included:

Reading Electronic Braille

This brief document contains information about reading or embossing electronic braille files:

Embossing, Binding and Labelling Braille Guidelines

This document contains advice on good practice when embossing braille, such as the type, size and weight of paper. It also gives advice on the different binding methods and when it is appropriate to use them. It also contains advice on labelling your braille documents: