Mailing Lists

Braille Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a good way of staying in touch or sharing information and problems with others. If you have a question, someone on the mailing list may well know the answer.

The following email lists may be of interest if you want to discuss Braille-related matters.

Members of the UKAAF Braille groups either monitor or contribute to the following email lists:

The UEB ed List

This list serve is for educators and transcribers etc who may have coding queries about UEB. You can search the archive to see the questions that subscribers have been asking or you can join the list to ask your own questions.  To subscribe to the list please send a blank email message with the word ‘subscribe’ in the subject field to

Braille UK List

This list is for general discussion of Braille in the UK.

Teach braillists

This is an online forum which aims to create a community of educational professionals working with learners who are braille users. To join the list visit the registration page or email