Subject Groups

UKAAF has established the following Subject Areas. Subject areas comprise a lead expert and a group of other experts who can provide advice, information and contribute to Task Groups.

Task Groups are temporary groups working which work towards a specific goal as required and agreed by the UKAAF Board.

Sections and subject areas and their leads

Permanent sections

Admin – Mike Lewington
PR – Carina Birt

Subject area groups

Accessible Images – Roger Firman
Audio – Mike Lewington
Braille – Claire Maxwell
Editorial Working Group for ‘Format Matters’ (a PR Task Group) – Jim McCafferty
Electronic Documents – Susan Day
Large Print – David Scott
Moon – Sharon Williams
Music – Sally-Anne Zimmermann
Research Liaison – vacant
Exams – Sharon Williams

Task Groups

Editorial Group

Editor of ‘Format Matters’: Jim McCafferty

Editorial Group members
Sue Day
Peter Bailey
Richard West