UKAAF has provisionally established six Sections, which work on the high-level issues affecting the interests of the whole association. Membership is drawn from the Board and other members as appropriate.

These sections are:


Led by the Secretary, responsible for all day-to-day admin matters and record keeping, including keeping the register of Members up-to-date and responsibility for management of the Association’s finances and charity and company returns, legacy archiving and meeting protocols.


Led by PR Officer, responsible for activity such as issuing Press Releases and other contact with the media, website, any UKAAF publications, and formal communications with external bodies, and branding.

Coding and standards

This covers the development and publishing of all official standards, codes and technical specifications for all formats.

Technology and techniques

This covers advice and techniques for the production, use, procurement, and teaching of all formats.

Research liaison

This is the route in and out of the organisation for research questions and activity, and will draw in relevant expertise as appropriate.

Quality Assessment Scheme (QAS)

This covers the development and administration of the Transcription Quality Assessment Scheme for all formats, and the development of specific certificates by drawing in relevant format expertise when required.

Dedicated Subject Areas have a focus on specific accessible formats, such as large print, audio, braille, electronic files, accessible images, and so on.

Task Groups are working groups set up to deliver specific activity on any issue as agreed by the board.