Our structure

UKAAF is led by a board of trustees and company directors, with a President.

We have provisionally established seven Sections, representing high-level issues affecting the interests of the whole association.

Subject Areas are led by individual experts, and may include groups of experts in a particular area who can be called upon to offer advice or information about specific formats or activities for example, or to form Task Groups to complete specific areas of activity.

Task Groups are temporary working groups delivering specific activities as agreed by the board.

Our funding

As a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, UKAAF charges a membership subscription, and will seek opportunities to generate income for the association to support its work.

Donations to the former associations (COTIS, UKABP and BAUK) will continue to support the work of UKAAF, with particular thanks to donations, grants, and support in kind in particular from:

Lillie C Johnson Charitable Trust
V I Resourcing Limited
Torch Trust
Ulverscroft Foundation