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UKAAF Guidance download page

Click the link to jump to downloads for General, Audio, Braille, Large Print, E-file, Moon, Accessible Images, Music

The UKAAF guidance documents on this page are free to download in doc, docx and PDF formats.
To download an electronic version, simply select the UKAAF guidance document you wish to obtain.
Please note that some of the documents (especially the Describing images series) are quite large and may take a little while to downoad.

Choosing the right format

If you just want to print off the document, download the PDF version.
If you use Word 2003, download the doc version.
If you use Word 2007 or 2010, download the docx version.

Purchasing hardcopy print, large print, audio and braille versions

Hardcopy versions of UKAAF's guidance documents in print, large print, synthetic audio and braille are available to purchase (14 day delivery). UKAAF members benefit from being able to purchase these at a reduced rate. To enquire about accessible format versions please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


G001 Surveying customer satisfaction about accessible format materials

PDF (137 KB) G001

Doc (221 KB) G001

Docx (137 KB) G001

G002 The provision of accessible format materials for print-disabled people

PDF (165 KB) G002

Doc (224 KB) G002

Docx (143 KB) G002

G004 Security and data protection

PDF (138 KB) G004

Doc (202 KB) G004

Docx (140 KB) G004

G005 Quality control

PDF (143 KB) G005

Doc (204 KB) G005

Docx (140 KB) G005

G006 Service level agreements

PDF (162 KB) G006

Doc (221 KB) G006

Docx (143 KB) G006


MS01 Minimum standards: Audio

PDF (46 KB) MS01

Doc (144 KB) MS01

Docx (112 KB) MS01

G010 Audio recording techniques

PDF (163 KB) G010

Doc (220 KB) G010

Docx (144 KB) G010

G011 Audio presentation skills

PDF (233 KB) G011

Doc (246 KB) G011

Docx (152 KB) G011

G012 Audio reading skills

PDF (148 KB) G012

Doc (209 KB) G012

Docx (143 KB) G012


MS02 Minimum standards: Braille

PDF (45 KB) MS02

Doc (143 KB) MS02

Docx (111 KB) MS02

Large Print

MS03 Minimum standards: Clear and large print

PDF (47 KB) MS03

Doc (146 KB) MS03

Docx (111 KB) MS03

G003 Creating clear print and large print documents

PDF (1.02 MB) G003

Doc (1.53 MB) G003

Docx (1.33 MB) G003

E-file formats

MS04 Minimum standards: Accessible PDF for Assessments

PDF (135 KB) MS04

Doc (150 KB) MS04

Docx (110 KB) MS04


Guidance not yet available

Accessible images

G013 Describing images 1: General principles

PDF (236 KB) G013

Doc (290 KB) G013

Docx (201 KB) G013

G014 Describing images 2: Charts and graphs

PDF (925 KB) G014

Doc (1.07 MB) G014

Docx (865 KB) G014

G015 Describing images 3: Maps, maths and tables

PDF (683 KB) G015

Doc (1.47 MB) G015

Docx (1.36  MB) G015

G016 Describing images 4: Photographs, illustrations and works of art

PDF (776 KB) G016

Doc (2.47 MB) G016

Docx (2.36 MB) G016

G017 Describing images 5: Accessible images

PDF (1.02 MB) G017

Doc (3.05 MB) G017

Docx (2.93 MB) G017


G009 Modified Stave Notation - Meeting individual needs for large print music

PDF (189 KB) G009

Doc (248 KB) G009

Docx (206 KB) G009