Mandy WhiteMandy White is the subject lead for Braille.

I started work for RNIB as a volunteer in 1989. I have had many different roles within RNIB but they have all been focussed around Accessible Information. I work as a project manager and became involved more closely with braille when I was asked to co-ordinate RNIB’s activity around the celebration of Louis Braille’s bicentenary in 2009. In 2010 I was asked to set up the braille subject area within UKAAF and have been lucky enough to recruit a range of very committed, knowledgeable and enthusiastic members of the different working groups. We have achieved a lot in the past few years particularly with respect to the implementation, in the UK, of the new Unified English Braille code (UEB).

MS02 Minimum standards: Braille

The UKAAF minimum standards documents are free to download in doc, docx PDF formats and are listed below. To obtain an electronic version, simply select the UKAAF  document you wish to access and you will then be taken to the UKAAF download page where you can download it. Hardcopy versions of UKAAF’s documents in print, large print, synthetic audio and braille are available to purchase (14 day delivery). UKAAF members benefit from being able to purchase these at a reduced rate. To enquire about purchasing accessible format versions please contact

MS02 UKAAF Minimum standards Braille – PDF
MS02 UKAAF Minimum standards Braille – DOCX
MS02 UKAAF Minimum standards Braille – DOC

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